The EMICON SA-HIPIMS system records voltage and current waveforms in pulsed (HIPIMS) plasma processes with high temporal resolution in addition to spectral data measurement. This unique combination of data acquisition allows the independent control of ion density and gas composition. In reactive processes, this opens the door of adjusting stoichiometric and morphological layer properties separately.


  • Plasma analysis of pulsed plasma applications (HIPIMS, DC-pulsed, …)
  • Process monitoring and process optimization of pulsed plasma applications
  • Independent control of gas flow and ion density in reactive HIPIMS processes
  • Monitoring and securing process stability
  • Observation and compensation of target erosion


Analog pulse inputs:± 1 V (2x)
Sampling rate:40 MHz
Pulse trigger inputs:analog ± 5V (1x), optical (2x)
Spectrometer channels: 1-8
Analog control outputs: 0 – 10 Volt (4/8)
Connection: LAN (TCP/IP)
Supported fieldbus types: Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP, OPC-UA


Data recording of electrical signals with high temporal resolution
Combining spectral and electrical measurement data in real time
Real-time recording of current and voltage signals in pulsed (HIPIMS) process
Acquisition, monitoring and evaluation of the pulse curve shape
Analog and optical trigger inputs for synchronization of pulse and spectral data recording
All features of EMICON SA system
Configuration via LAN with EMICON SA Manager software for Windows


The EMICON SA-HIPIMS system is an extension of the EMICON SA system with the unique capability to continuously acquire the electrical pulse data in parallel to the spectroscopic measurement and to use it in combination with the spectroscopic data for process control.

By measuring pulse shapes with a time resolution of 25 ns, the pulse form and pulse values of both current and voltage signal can be accurately determined at any time and passed on for processing. This allows the detection of changes in pulse shape, e.g. during the transition from metallic to reactive sputtering. Synchronization of pulse and spectral data recording with the plasma pulse is performed via the integrated trigger input.

Combining the spectroscopic and electrical process data in one system allows simultaneous control of ion density and reactive gas flow, e.g. in a reactive HIPIMS process. Thus, the EMICON SA-HIPIMS system offers the unique possibility to adjust selectively and independently both the morphological properties (e.g. density and voltage) and the stoichiometry of the layer to be produced in a pulsed production process in a single process control system.

Another application is the compensation of target erosion in HIPIMS processes. Erosion of the target changes the magnetic field on the target surface, which has a dramatic effect on the peak current and ion density. By detecting the peak current, this effect can be compensated and a reproducible layer quality can be guaranteed over the entire target lifetime.