25 Years of Expertise in Spectroscopic Process Control

PLASUS is a worldwide leading manufacturer of spectroscopic plasma monitor and process control systems for any kind of plasma processes in R&D and industry. For 25 years PLASUS is developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative and application-oriented plasma monitor and process control systems. Applications range from quality control of PECVD plasmas over active process control in reactive sputter processes and endpoint detection in etching applications to process control of atmospheric plasmas.

Since the very beginning, the founder of the company, Dr. Thomas Schütte, focused particularly on the consequent use of the spectroscopic approach for turnkey industrial systems. This resulted in leading edge plasma monitor systems with innovative in-vacuum sensors and comprehensive but easy-to-use software. Many users have already established the spectroscopic real-time measurement technique for their plasma process application.

“I would like to thank all users for their active feedback, which put the development of the spectroscopic plasma monitor systems on its successful track”, emphasizes Thomas Schütte the importance of close customer support for the development of application-oriented systems. Over the years, PLASUS has acquired a worldwide market-leading position and many users from research, development and production were able to establish and improve their enhanced and unique processes and products.

The sales network of PLASUS is growing continuously with competent and experience distributor in Europe and North America, and the long term and powerful support center for Asia in Taiwan with its local representatives in Japan, China and Korea.

All PLASUS staff will continue to push new developments of the spectroscopic plasma monitor and process control systems with great passion and will support all user at its best at short notice.

Company and Product History: