March 30th, 2018


Introducing novel EMICON Pulse and HIPIMS module at SVC TechCon 2018


At the SVC TechCon 2018 show in Orlando FL, USA, PLASUS introduces its latest devolopment for advanced process control: The novel EMICON Pulse and HIPIMS module combines spectroscopic plasma monitoring with the measurement of pulse voltage and pulse current in a unique setup for advanced process control of reactive high-density plasma applications.


EMICON pulse and HIPIMS module



You are invited to learn more about this new and unique technique at the SVC TechCon 2018. Please join us at the following presentations:


Novel process control technique for reactive high-density plasmas by combining different control methods

Session: Heuréka! Post-Deadline Recent Developments

Presentation Date and Time: 5/09/2018 at 10:00 am (HU 3)

Abstract: Here


Novel EMICON module for advanced process control of reactive high-density plasma applications

Session: Vendor Innovators Showcase

Presentation Date and Time: 5/09/2018 at 2:40 pm  (V 11)

Abstract: Here


Please meet us also at the industrial exhibition of the SVC TechCon 2018 conference at our booth #629. We have our latest devolopments on display and we will be happy to discuss possible applications with you. The industrial exhibition takes place on May 8th and 9th. If you register for a One Day Pass, the admission to the exhibition and the technical sessions is free!

Our products are also on display at our North-American distributor Angstrom Science Inc. at booth #428.


 SVC TechCon 2018


June 23rd, 2016


PLASUS celebrates 20th anniversary with ceremony


On June 23rd, 2016 PLASUS celebrated its 20th anniversary during a ceremony in the premises in Mering, Germany. We were happy to welcome many customers, suppliers and distributors from home and abroad to this event.


The official ceremony was opened by founder and owner Dr. Thomas Schütte by summarizing the company history of PLASUS in words and pictures. In the follwoing speakers from different fields of application - Dr. Dirk Wünderlich of Max-Planck-Institute of Plasma Physics, Germany, Dr. Bernhard Cord of SINGULUS AG, Germany and Robert Jann of Applied Optivac Technologies Inc., Taiwan - presented interesting examples of how to use PLASUS products ranging from scientific applications over industrial process development to applicatons in the Asian market. All guests enjoyed the following party with delicious barbeque, draft beer and sake from the Japanese guests on this sunny day.   


PLASUS thanks all speakers and guests for this wonderful ceremony and party as well as for all congratulations and presents.


 20 Jahre Feier Bilderpalette


You will find a comprehensive summary of the company history here or as download.

September 21st, 2015


Stand-alone EMICON SA System for Industrial Production Lines


Our latest development extends PLASUS world leading EMICON series for spectroscopic plasma monitoring and process controlling by decisive features for operation in industrial production lines:

  EMICON SA - front view EMICON SA - rear view



- Up to 8 spectrometer units for data acquisition at different machine locations

- Unlimited number of wavelength channels from each machine location

- Input of up to 8 external voltage signals (e.g lambda probe, target voltage)

- Advanced signal processing of all inputs for reliable process control

- Extended range of functions for endpoint detection

- Enhanced multi-channel PID control for gas flow, power and target voltage

- Easy process change by selecting pre-configured software recipes

- Integrated processor unit for stand-alone operation

- Integrated touch panel display for on-site information and settings

- Communication by industrial standard interfaces (LAN, Profibus, IOs, …)

- Setup and administration via LAN connection, 3-level user administration

Your benefits:

- Increase production yield by using the advanced QC/QA

- Upgrade your production line for increasing product quality or high-end products 

- Stabilize process by simultaneous PID control (e.g. gas flow and target voltage)

- Control and compensate target erosion in sputter applications

- Detect reliable endpoints by combining spectral data and external signals

- Retrofit your existing PEM for enhanced productivity 

- Integrate as stand-alone system in machine control


For more information please contact us or your local distributor.

February 09th, 2015


PLASUS becomes GmbH


On January 15th, 2015 PLASUS has become PLASUS GmbH.


With this step, PLASUS is well prepared for more successful years and lays the foundation for further growth, new products and implementing strategic objectives.


All products, contact persons and pricing remain unaffected and existing agreements and contracts with customers and partners will remain effective. We are looking forward to continue our cooperation with you as competent, trustful and successful as in the past.


However, please address all future orders, contracts, projects and consignments to PLASUS GmbH and update your contact details as follows:



President / CEO: Dr. Thomas Schütte

Lechstrasse 9

District Court Augsburg HRB 29314

D-86415 Mering

USt-Id.-Nr.: DE 815 541 716




 Tel.: +49 8233 735378-0

 Deutsche Bank AG Augsburg

 Fax: +49 8233 735378-9

 IBAN: DE43 7207 0024 0029 0668 00




We are appreciating your business and we are looking forward to continuing our successful cooperation.


Dr. Thomas Schütte

President/CEO of PLASUS GmbH


June 24th, 2014


EMICON Systems ready for HIPIMS applications


The plasma monitor systems of the EMICON series are ready for use in any HIPIMS application without any hardware modification!


Due to the spectroscopic design of the EMICON systems, any spectral line and band of the ions, neutrals and molecules in the HIPIMS plasma can be captured regardless of target material, process gases and power input. No change of hardware is necessary to change to different target materials or processes. The intensity signals of several plasma species are subject to monitoring and can be used for QA/QC and process control. A special technique of signal recording by CCD array assures that no radiation from the HIPIMS plasma is missing although the plasma is pulsed. Synchronizing to the pulse pattern is possible.


 EMICON Cr HIPIMS-DC spectra EMICON AlO HIPIMS application

Comparison of spectra from Cr-discharges HIPIMS vs. DC: Cr+, Cr and Ar lines Real-time monitor tracks acquired with 2-channel EMICON system at AlO reactive HIPIMS discharge


In contrast to any filter type system (PEM) the spectroscopic plasma monitor system EMICON allows the monitoring of several spectral lines of different plasma species simultaneously. Thus, monitoring the neutrals and ions of the target material, the reactive gas and the process gas in a HIPIMS application is possible in real-time. This leads to the new, innovative and unique features of the EMICON system:


Controlling the ionization degree and reactive gas flow in HIPIMS applications*.


(*Patent pending)

Please feel free to contact us for further details. We will be happy to discuss how to take the advantage of the EMICON system in your application.

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May 17th, 2013


EMICON Systems with industrial interfaces PROFIBUS and LAN


All EMICON models have been extended by the industrial interfaces PROFIBUS and LAN and can now be integrated easily in industrial applications:


EMICON Interfaces



In a PROFIBUS network the EMICON system acts like a DP slave and can be integrated directly in the system control using the GSD file. Several pre-defined modules are available for the communication with the system control to send system parameters to and retrieve measured data from the EMICON system: 


  • - data acquisition settings for spectrometer and monitor channels
  • - recipe selection for change of process
  • - control settings for e.g endpoint detection and PID closed-loop control
  • - measured monitor data of selected monitor tracks
  • - input and output signals of digital connections
  • - output signals of the PID closed-loop control
  • - ...


Due to the standardized PROFIBUS protocol the integration of the EMICON system in the overall system control can be achieved easily and a fail-safe process control is guaranteed.




For the LAN interface an API is provided: the functions of the API are ecapsulated in a DLL and a standard header file is used to publish the functions in different program environments, e.g. C++, C#, Delphi or LabView.

The LAN interface offers allmost unlimited access to the range of functions and measured data of the EMICON system:


  • - data acquisition settings for spectrometer and monitor channels
  • - recipe selection for change of process
  • - control settings for e.g endpoint detection and PID closed-loop control
  • - measured spectral data of all spectromter channels
  • - measured monitor data of all monitor tracks
  • - output signals of digital connectors
  • - output signals for PID closed-loop control
  • - ...


A 3-level user adminstration ensures a safe and user specific control of the EMICON system.


The LAN interface of the EMICON system is multi-user capable, which allows several users at different places to connect to the EMICON system for e.g. retrieving measured data in-real time.   



The PROFIBUS interface as well as the LAN interface are optional add-ons to all EMICON systems. The interfaces can be used simultaneously in a EMICON system.


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