The EMICON HR system is a high-resolution spectrometer system and it is especially qualified for detailed spectral plasma analysis and plasma monitoring but also for quality control and process controlling. The single channel EMICON HR system comes with all features necessary for monitoring and anaylzing process plasmas in detail.

The spectral range of 200-860 nm of the EMICON HR system covers the important parts of the UV-VIS-NIR region. Due to the 10 times better spectral resolution of the EMICON HR system compared to the standard systems neighboring atomic lines or rotational and vibrational lines of molecular bands can be resolved easily. The compact design without any moving parts and the USB 2.0 data transfer makes the EMICON HR system a very mobile system which can be used easily at many applications.
The EMICON software provides extensive features especially for spectral analysis, for plasma analysis and plasma monitoring: arithmetic of spectra, replay of saved data, recipe manager and much more.

EMICON HR Features:EMICON HR Key Notes:


  • Plasma diagnostics, spectral analysis
  • Film deposition (PVD, PECVD)
  • Plasma etching, end-point detection
  • Quality control, fault detection