The EMICON SA systems are especially designed for process control and quality assurance in industrial plants and production lines. The integrated processor unit ensures stand-alone operation in 24/7 mode and easy integration of the EMICON SA system into the system conrol by e.g. LAN or Profibus.

The spectral range of 200-1100 nm of the spectrometer units of the EMICON SA systems covers the complete UV-VIS-NIR range. The EMICON SA system can be equipped with up to eight spectrometer channels. In addition several voltage inputs are available to take in signal from external sensors such as lambda probes or target voltage. The sytem can easily be accessed and configured by the EMICON SA Manger software via LAN-interface and LAN and Profibus interfacaes are available for system integration.
The EMICON SA system software provides extensive features especially for plasma monitoring and process control: recipe manager, arithmetic of spectra, automatic, replay of saved data, scaling of response curve and much more.

EMICON SA Features:EMICON SA Key Notes:


  • Thin-film technology (PVD, PECVD)
  • Reactive magnetron sputtering and HIPIMS
  • Plasma etching, endpoint detection
  • Quality assurance and fault detection
  • Retrofitting and upgrade of PEM systems