Optics Components

Optical components are the interface between the application process and the detection system: The optics should transfer as much light intensity as possible and it should be flexible and resistant to industrial environments.

We are offering a great variety of optics components for ex-vacuum and in-vacuum use to meet the requirements of the diverse applications. All optics parts are made of quartz to ensure light transmission in the spectral range from 200 - 1100 nm. The sensor heads of the in-vacuum collimator optics are equipped with a special designed coating protection device to avoid contamination or coating of the quartz optics. We are offering standard size and minature size optics made of stainless steel or aluminum.

Our Optics Components:Optics Components Key Notes:

Our optics compenents are German high-quality craftsmanship and are subject to strongest quality control.

  • Collimator optics and optical fibers
  • Collimator optics with coating protection
  • Optical vacuum feedthroughs
  • Standard and miniature size opticts