The new SPECLINE 3 Software

With the completely revised SPECLINE 3 software, PLASUS sets new standards in the analysis and identification of spectral data. The new SPECLINE 3 version features a completely new, modern and intuitive user interface.

Convince yourself of the unique features of the new SPECLINE 3 for easy and efficient analysis and identification of your spectral data and request the free trial version.

All data are available at a glance: Spectra, tabular listing of identified lines and applied processing filters. Updating when changing search and identification settings is done in real time, making spectra analysis easy and effective.

The database of the new SPECLINE 3 for atoms, molecules and their ions has been updated and revised – as well as the selection interface of the elements for identification.

The processing filters for preparing the spectra and the settings for peak search and line identification have been completely redesigned for a user-friendly and convinient access to the various control options via modern GUI elements.

Almost all settings can be specified individually for each element, allowing for easier and more unique line identification.

The comparison of spectra has been considerably simplified and expanded. New spectra from different data formats can be added via drag and drop and adapted for comparison with a wide range of functions.

The tabular presentation of the identified spectral lines features a new and modern look. The presentation of the data in the tables can be customized in many ways, creating a better and clearer overview.

This new SPECLINE 3 from PLASUS is a milestone for the analysis and identification of spectral data and makes working with spectra a breeze.

For customers with previous versions we offer special upgrade programs. Please contact us for more detailed information.

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