PLASUS GmbH is a worldwide leading manufacturer of spectroscopic plasma monitor and process control systems for any kind of plasma processes in R&D and industry. Since 1996 PLASUS has been developing, producing and distributing innovative and application-oriented plasma monitor and process control systems. Applications range from quality control of PECVD plasmas, active process control in reactive sputtering processes and endpoint detection in etching processes to process monitoring of atmospheric plasmas.

From the very beginning, the founder of PLASUS, Dr. Thomas Schütte, put particular emphasis on the consistent application of spectroscopic measurement technology in a turnkey system suitable for industrial plasma processes. This resulted in cutting edge plasma monitor and process control systems with innovative optical sensors and a comprehensive yet easy-to-use software interface that provided users with a variety of novel real-time measurement techniques in plasma technology.

The experienced team of engineers and scientists develops and designs the PLASUS measurement systems, often in collaboration with renowned research institutes and leading edge industry customer. End production is carried out exclusively at the headquarters in Mering, Germany to ensure high standards in system integration and quality assurance.

PLASUS distributor network consists of experienced sales and support partners in Europe and North America and the long-standing and strong Asian support center in Taiwan as well as local representatives in Japan, China and Korea.

The software development is a core competency of PLASUS. All software products are developed and cThe employees of PLASUS will continue to work with great enthusiasm on the further and new development of spectroscopic plasma monitor and process control systems in the future and will support the users in the best possible way and in a timely manner with advice and assistance in case of questions.

The employees of PLASUS will continue to work with great enthusiasm on the further and new development of spectroscopic plasma monitor and process control systems in the future and will support the users in the best possible way and in a timely manner with advice and assistance in case of questions.



25 Years PLASUS with innovative products for spectroscopic process monitoring and control.
450 EMICON systems with more than 850 spectrometer units sold.


Extending the product range by the layer control system and module EMICON LC based on spectroscopic reflection and transmission measurements. This enables the user to monitor layer parameters such as reflection, transmission, thickness, color values, etc. in real-time in the porcess.


Introduction of EMICON SA HIPIMS and PULSE Module providing a new and worldwide unique process control technique for pulsed highly-ionized reactive plasma processes, such as HIPIMS applications.


Angstrom Sciences Inc. in Duquesne, PA, USA becomes official distributor for North America


robeko GmbH & Co.KG and PLASUS GmbH agree an strategic technology and sales cooperation. robeko becomes sales partner of PLASUS products for industrial customers in Europe.


PLASUS becomes a GmbH and moves to new and larger facilities in Mering in the vicinity of Augsburg.


Market launch of stand-alone system PLASUS EMICON SA optimized for operation in production lines. Worldwide first turnkey multi-channel spectroscopic plasma monitor system with integrated processor unit for easy and straightforward integration in plasma process plants.


Delivering the 100th EMICON system with more than 250 spectrometer units to industry and R&D.


The optical components are extended by the in-vacuum SLIM sensors featuring a slimmer form factor but maintaining the same light throughput.


Introduction of high-resolution system PLASUS EMICON HR featuring a spectral resolution almost 10 times better compared to EMICON MC systems. This unique system closes the gap between scientific analysis and concurrent spectroscopic plasma monitoring and process control. It is used primarily for pre-development of machines and processes.


Rollout of the modular PLASUS EMICON MC system with up to eight spectrometer units. The number of spectrometer units and control inputs and outputs are configurable according to customer requirements and can even be upgraded later on. The modular design and industrial interfaces facilitate custom-designed setups for industrial applications and production lines.


Establishment and expansion of the distributor network in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.


First multi-channel plasma monitor system PLASUS EmiCon C with three spectrometer modules working simultaneously. With this development concurrent spectroscopic measurements at different positions were realized for the first time and thus large area application could benefit from the advantages of spectroscopic plasma monitoring and process control.


Applied Optivac Technolgy Inc. (AOT) in Taiwan becomes official sales and service center for Asia.


Market launch of plasma monitor system PLASUS EmiCon C. This system features hardware and software extensions of analog and digital inputs and outputs, which allowed a system integration with active process control, e.g. in sputtering or etching applications. In contrast to conventional filter-type PEM systems the EmiCon C system offered spectroscopic control features for production lines for the first time worldwide. This includes stable long-term process control by line ratios and reduction of superimposed line signals.


Introduction of the newly developed in-vacuum sensors with coating protection device and optical feedthroughs for KF and CF flanges. These components are especially designed for use in industrial applications and feature optimal light throughput in the range from UV to NIR range with easy maintenance.


Rollout of the plasma monitor system PLASUS EmiCon M including a miniaturized spectrometer module with fixed grating and CCD array. A spectral range of 700 nm (200-900 nm) was acquired simultaneously. This compact and robust system was the cornerstone of the still successful and industry-proven EMICON series.


Delivery of the first own spectroscopic plasma monitor system PLASUS Monitor. Mainly designed for R&D tasks, this system consisted of a spectrometer with three interchangeable gratings and a CCD array. Thus, measurements with different spectral resolutions and with spectral ranges of up to 100 nm were possible. The system was fully controlled by the PLASUS Monitor software.


Release of the first version of the PLASUS SpecLine Software. SpecLine is an analytical software tool for any kind of spectroscopic data with an extensive database of spectral lines and bands for atoms, ions and molecules. The current SpecLine version is still unique and very popular around the world.


Foundation of PLASUS by Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schütte. Consulting for plasma monitoring and analysis of spectroscopic measurements of plasma processes. Since today competent and solution-driven customer service is a trademark of PLASUS.