The EMICON FS system is a Fast Spectrocopic plasma monitor system that enables continuous pulse-resolved process monitoring and control in pulsed plasma applications like HIPIMS or pulsed-DC. With its unprecedented time resolution the EMICON FS system sets new and worldwide unique standards in industrial process control.


  • Pulse-resolved plasma analysis of HIPIMS applications and pulsed plasma processes
  • Continuous process monitoring of plasma parameters within pulse
  • Simultanuous control of gas flow and ion density in reactive processes
  • Real-time sychronization of substrate biasing or reverse/kick pulse
  • Monitoring and securing pulse-to-pulse stability for maximum production yield


Spectrometer channels:1-8
Spectral resolution:1.5 nm
Wavelength range:200 – 1100 nm
Signal resolution:16 Bit
Integration time:
Recording rate:
5.4 µs to seconds
250 µs to seconds
Sensor inputs:0 – 10 Volt (2/4)
Analog controls outputs:0 – 10 Volt (4/8)
Synchronization input trigger:TTL 5V / Optical
Connection:LAN (TCP/IP)
Supported fieldbus types:Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP, OPC-UA


Pulse-resolved spectroscopic data recording with high temporal resolution
Analog and optical trigger inputs for synchronization of spectral data recording
High speed signal outputs for process synchronization, e.g. bof substrate biasing, etc.
Continuous real-time and stand-alone operation (24/7)
Voltage outputs for process control, e.g. of gas flow, power, etc.
Multi-channel systems for measurements at multiple positions
Fieldbus support and LAN interface for system integration
Configuration via LAN with EMICON FS Manager software for Windows
Modular configuration according to requirements profile


The EMICON FS system is a Fast Spectral recording system that enables continuous pulse-resolved process monitoring and control in pulsed plasma application like HIPIMS or pulsed-DC. The unique combination of unprecedented time resolution and continuous measurement reveals the evolution of the plasma parameters, e.g. particle densities, during the pulse width in real-time. This opens the door for a deeper process understanding and novel control possibilities such as synchronization of substrate biasing.

The EMICON FS features a very short integration time, which is well below the pulse widths of typical HIPIMS and pulsed DC power generators. This allows to sample the plasma emission over the full wavelength range within a time interval much shorter than the pulse width. By applying an advanced sampling technique the temporal evolution of the particle densities within the pulse can be measured over a sequence of pulses.

This sampling approach provides a much more detailed insight into the dynamics of pulsed plasma applications in comparison to pulse integrating measurement available with current spectroscopic plasma monitoring systems: For example, the differences in the onset of plasma particle generation in HIPIMS application can be recognized in real-time.

This unique combination opens the door to sophisticated control schemes for pulsed plasma processes. For example the timing of target biasing pulses can now be adjusted to maximize the amount of metal ions to reach the substrate. At the same time, impinging of Ar ions can be reduced. Such detailed control of the particle composition reaching the substrate allows to tailor the properties of the growing film and to improve the coverage of 3D geometries.

Such effects are well known from academic research efforts using expensive ultra-fast spectroscopic system. As the EMICON FS is based on the known EMICON series, it is targeted for industrial applications by its continuous stand-alone data acquisition capability (24/7) and a veriaty of industrial interfaces that enables integration in almost any PLC architecture.