EMICON SA systems are the first choice for holistic process control and quality assurance of plasma processes in industrial plants and production lines. With the unique combination to collect all important process data in one system in real time, the EMICON SA systems are the worldwide benchmark for successful process control.


  • Process analysis and process monitoring
  • Monitoring and securing process stability
  • Process control in reactive sputtering processes
  • Monitoring of chamber condition
  • Detection and monitoring of plasma contamination
  • Spatially resolved process monitoring of large area applications
  • Retrofit and upgrade of PEM systems


Spectrometer channels:1-8
Spectral resolution:1.5 nm
Wavelength range:200 – 1100 nm
Signal resolution:16 Bit
Integration time:
Recording rate:
50 µs to seconds
10 ms to minutes
Sensor inputs:0 – 10 Volt (2/4)
Analog controls outputs:0 – 10 Volt (4/8)
Digital inputs and outputs:TTL 5V / 24V (8/8)
Connection:LAN (TCP/IP)
Supported fieldbus types:Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP, OPC-UA


Stand-alone operation (24/7)
Process control with PID and setpoint function
Voltage outputs for process control, e.g. of gas flow or power
Multi-channel systems for spatially resolved measurements
Voltage inputs for externeal sensor signals
Current/voltage inputs for time-resolved pulse curves
Digital inputs and outputs for external sysdtem control
Fieldbus support and LAN interface for system integration
Data preparation for Industry 4.0 and AI-based applications
Configuration via LAN with EMICON SA Manager software for Windows
Modular configuration according to requirements profile


The EMICON SA systems have been specially developed for use in process control and quality assurance in industrial plants and production lines and can be configured according to customer requirements thanks to their modular design. The integrated processor unit allows 24/7 stand-alone operation and easy integration of the system into the plant control system.

The spectrometer modules of the EMICON SA system cover the UV-VIS-NIR range and thus detect all process-relevant species simultaneously. For spatially resolved control, the EMICON SA system can be equipped with up to eight spectrometer channels. In addition, several voltage inputs are available for the acquisition and processing of external sensor signals, e.g. from lambda probes or the target voltage. With an upgrade to an EMICON SA-HIPIMS system, the pulse shapes of pulse voltage and pulse current in pulsed applications can also be integrated in a time-resolved manner for process control.

System settings are made via LAN connection using the EMICON SA Manager software. The system integration is done via fieldbus or LAN. The EMICON SA systems are thus fully ready for use in Industry 4.0 and AI-based applications.