The EMICON LC system is an ideal extension of the EMICON SA and EMICON MC systems for in-situ real-time monitoring of transmission, reflection, absorption, color or coating thickness on the workpiece during the plasma process. It can be integrated in the EMICON models SA and MC system as add-on module. The stand-alone version of the EMICON LC can be used for coating processes without plasma.


  • Simultaneous control of process und product
  • In-situ measurement of reflexion, transmission and absorption
  • Determination of film thickness in real time
  • Calculation of color values in-line and in-situ
  • Quality Control


Spectrometer channels:1-2
Spectral resolution:1.5 nm
Wavelength range:350 – 1100 nm
Signal resolution :16 Bit
Temporal resolution :approx 20 ms up to minutes
Light sources:Tungsten-halogen, White LED, …
Film thickness:approx. 5 nm to 2 µm
Color spaces:L*a*b*, XYZ, …


Data acquisition with broadband spectrometers
Calculation of the spectral reflexion, transmission and absorption
Determination of the film thickness by real time spectral analysis
Real time calculation of color values
Combined analysis of process data and film properties
Application specific light sources available (tungsten halogen, LED, …)
Optic components for in vacuum applications
Software control with extension module for the convenient EMICON MC software


The EMICON LC system extends the capabilities of the EMICON SA and EMICON MC systems with the unique possibility to monitor in the process chamber at the same time the reflectometric product properties as well as the plasma based coating process. Process and quality control are significantly improved as both process and product are monitored continuously and in real time.

The spectrometer used for the EMICON LC system covers a wide spectral range of 200-1100nm suitable to be combined with a number of different light source technologies. Based on the measured spectral characteristics of the workpiece, the EMICON LC system calculates reflectivity, transmissivity and absorption and can determine reproducibly the film thickness as well as the color values with high precision. Data acquisition, data transfer, layer calculations and display of the results are performed within the EMICON software and the measured values can be used directly for process control tasks.