PLASUS celebrates 25th anniversary with over 100 online and onsite guests

Since 1996 PLASUS is developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative and application-oriented plasma monitor and process control systems. Applications range from quality control of PECVD plasmas over active process control in reactive sputter processes and endpoint detection in etching applications to process control of atmospheric plasmas.

On 23 September 2021, PLASUS celebrated its 25th anniversary with the motto

25 Years of PLASUS – Innovative products for spectroscopic process monitoring and control

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the celebration took place as a hybrid event with about 30 guests on site and over 70 online guests from Europe, Asia, Amerika and Australia.

In his opening speech, company founder Dr. Thomas Schütte outlined the development of the products and reported on current and future projects and developments.

The subsequent keynote speech How R&D Cooperations Turn into Mutual Success Stories by Prof. Dr. Ralf Bandorf of the Fraunhofer IST Braunschweig vividly highlighted the value creation of cooperations and cooperation projects.

In three further short presentations, PLASUS employees Peter Neiß, Marius Radloff and Dr. Jan-Peter Urbach presented the latest developments for the EMICON system, the SPECLINE software and the LAYER Control system.

Following the presentations, online guests were able to interact with PLASUS experts in breakout rooms. The on-site guests enjoyed beer & pretzels as well as hands-on demonstrations in the laboratories and production rooms in Mering.

Mr. Peter Neiß explained the latest developments in the EMICON SA system (left picture) and Dr. Jan-Peter Urbach demonstrated the new EMICON LC system for insitu and inline color and thickness determination on a laboratory setup (right picture).

Dr. Thomas Schütte thanks all companies, research institutions, partners and colleagues for the successful 25 years of PLASUS and is looking forward to continue another long and interesting journey with all partners.