Distributor of The Year 2022 – Angstrom Sciences, Inc.

Bob Rovnanik and his Team of Angstrom Sciences, Inc. has been recognized as Distributor of The Year 2022 for their outstanding performance and commitment to the distribution of PLASUS`products in North-America.

During the AVS 68 International Symposium and Exhibition in Pittsburgh, PA, CEO and founder of PLASUS, Dr. Thomas Schütte, presented the official certificate to Bob Rovnanik, Director of Sales at Angstrom Sciences.

Thomas Schütte expressed his appreciation to the always good and supportive cooperation between Angstrom Sciences and PLASUS. He is confident that the business with Bob and his team will continue on this successful level and he promised that the whole PLASUS team will be more than happy to support them best.

Bob Rovnanik together with Mark Bernick, president and founder of Angstrom Sciences Inc., show proudly the Certificate of Appreciation and thanked for the honor and the continuous support of the PLASUS team in promoting their products. They are looking forward to continuing this successfull story.

As a special tribute Bob Rovnanik recieved an “Oktoberfest At Home” kit with a Bavarian Maßkrug, German beer and pretzel to practice for his visit to Germany.