The EMICON MC systems are ideal plasma monitor systems for R&D and suitable for almost any application in plasma technology including plasma analysis, plasma monitoring, and process optimizationl.


  • Process monitoring and process optimization
  • Monitoring of process stability
  • Endpoint detection in plasma etching processes
  • Detection of plasma contamination
  • Leak detection
  • Determination of layer properties ( requires LC module )


Spectrometer channel:1-8
Spectral resolution:1.5 nm
Wavelength range:200 – 1100 nm
Signal resolution:16 Bit
Temporal resolution:about 20 ms to minutes
Digital inputs and outputs:TTL 5Volt (2/4)
Analog control outputs:± 10 Volt (4/8)
Connection:USB 2.0


Data acquisition with broadband spectrometers
Real-time monitoring of plasma radiation
Process control with PID and setpoint function
Multi-channel systems for spatially resolved measurements
Replay of stored measurement data for process analysis
Digital und analog inputs and outputs for external sysdtem control
Convenient EMICON MC software for Windows


The turnkey and modular configurable EMICON MC systems are equipped with all necessary features to observe, analyze and optimize typical process plasmas in scientific and industrial applications.

With a spectral range of 200-1100 nm, the spectrometer units of the EMICON MC system cover the UV-VIS-NIR range. The EMICON MC system can be equipped with up to eight spectrometer channels. The entire data transfer is handled via a USB interface, so that open and closed loop controls can be realized with a notebook. With the addition of the EMICON LC module, layer properties such as reflection, transmission, layer thickness or color can be measured simultaneously.

The EMICON software offers extensive functions for plasma monitoring, plasma analysis and process optimization: template manager, real-time data arithmetic, control algorithms, replay of stored measurement data and many more.